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  • What is OSM SHIELD ?
What is OSM SHIELD ?

What is OSM SHIELD ?


OSM Shield is a combination of plant-based, Bluesign approved, PFC-free, andPFOA-free chemistries. These chemistries can be applied to fabrics, garments, and yarns with proprietary and customized application processes to achieve unprecedented performance and durability.

OSM Shield primarily targets single layer fabrics, both knit and woven, where the aforementioned performance attributes are currently not available in the marketplace.

The OSM Shield toolbox of chemistries can be applied to fabric, finished garments, or yarns resulting in a high level of repellency, stain resistance, and odor resistance without changing the inherent comfort, hand feel, or breathability of the fabric. These high performance finishes can be applied to any type of fabric or fabric blend and are durable for the useful life of the garment or fabric.

Each fiber and fabric will be custom engineered to achieve the full potential of the innovation maximizing the proprietary balance between chemistry and process.

Other chemistries such as fire retardants, anti-microbials, and softeners can be added to OSM Shield recipes to achieve additional performance results.

· Odor

· Stains

· Moisture

· Oils

· Protein Stains (blood)

While Promoting:

· Durability

· Unchanged Breathability

· Unchanged Comfort

· Wicking

· Quick Dri Properties

· Improved Colorfastness

· Abrasion Resistance

Verified By:

· North Carolina State University

· U.S. Natick Army Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center

· AATCC Industry Testing

· Bluesign Approved


Tests reveal:

· Once treated with OSM Shield, and after 50+ hot washings and drying cycles, a typical 65/35 poly-cotton blend fabric will repel water 85 times better than it would if left untreated

· OSM Shield can make a 100% cotton woven material water resistant enough to pass U.S. Custom’s Harmonized requirements for rainwear

· The Molecular Sciences and Engineering Team from the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research Center verified that the breathability of a fleece, denim, or cotton t-shirt remains virtually unchanged after being treated with OSM Shield

OSM Shield has achieved a spray test rating of 95 after 75 washes on a 100% polyester fabric on the AATCC 22 Spray Test.


All OSM Shield chemistry is plant-based, approved, PFC-Free, andPFOA-Free.

Bluesign is the leader in setting the controls and standards for environmentally friendly and safe textile production.

Bluesign approval ensures that textile chemistry meets very stringent consumer safety requirements and provides consumer confidence worldwide.

Fabrics, garments, and yarns treated with OSM Shield also require fewer washes, significantly less drying time, and less detergent.


OSM Shield provides the maximum water-resistance, stain-resistance and odor-resistance properties for a wide range of industries:

· Everyday Fashion
Denim, swimwear, women’s and men’s dress apparel, kid’s clothing, casual wear...

· Performance Apparel
Golf, soccer, tennis, fitness, football, surf, hunting, fishing, camping...

· Uniforms
Various apparel and equipment options...

· Home Furnishings
Bedding, blankets, upholstery...

· Medical
Surgical garments, drapes, bedding, linens...

· Restaurant
Napkins, table cloths, chef’s apparel, aprons...

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